I travel quite a bit.  Somtimes it’s just for the weekend, sometimes camping, sometimes a 5-star hotel.  This week I’m lucky enough to be travelling to Los Angeles for the NSGCD conference.

But no matter where I’m travelling, or for how long, I have a little tool for getting ready which takes very little time at all, and the bonus is I never forget to take anything important.  It’s called a master list.

My master list for packing includes all the stuff I need, or might need.  It’s simply a matter of working my way down the list and packing my bags, ready for travel action.

There are a few more tips which make the packing process quick and easy.

  1. Stay up to date with laundry.  Who needs the stress of last minute washing, drying and ironing?
  2. Keep travel goods together.  The padlock for your suitcase, shoe bag and electric socket adaptor should all be found inside your suitcase, ready for action.  (Of course, you won’t always need them, but it’s easier to leave them behind than scramble for them.)
  3. Have the cosmetics bag pre-packed.  Those samples of shampoo and shower gel, sewing kit and so on live in my cosmetics bag.
  4. Keep travel documents together.  As soon as my trip is planned, any travel documents relating to it (ticket, map, hotel confirmation, etc.) go into a file.  When it’s time to go, I simply add my passport and off I go.

Maybe you can see a theme here?  Be prepared, have supplies at your fingertips and follow a routine, and packing for travel will always be quick and easy.

Bon voyage!

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