Well, I promised.  So here’s my latest effort in the Creating Order 2009 Declutter Challenge!

197-208: e-newsletter subscriptions and RSS feeds

209: worn-out gym shoes.  These should have gone when the new ones arrived.

210: a pink blouse.  It’s too big and I’m never going back there.

211: a tub of body butter – a free gift and not my thing.  It put a smile on my daughter’s face though.

212: a cute Christmas collar for my cat.  The joke was good while it lasted.

213: my travel hairbrush which has been replaced.

214-215: 2 containers of makeup past their prime – ugh that smell!

216: a scrapbooking tool I used once.

217-224: out-of-date discount coupons.

Then I spent 10 minutes culling my filing cabinet and found…

225: old passport photos, don’t even look like me any more.

226-228: 3 product disclosure statements, thankfully now available online.

229: a phone plan guide, also available online.

230-237: various documents that I can lose.

238-251: 14! of my son’s phone bills.  He now has his own filing box and can deal with this stuff himself.

252: superseded medical information.

253: a 3-year-old receipt.  What the?  There’s no place for that!

I spent just 5 minutes doing my quarterly medicine cabinet declutter.  It’s important to treat medicine with respect.  Always dispose of them safely.

254-256: I found 3 that were past their safe-to-use-by date.

A quick tour of the laundry came up with

257-258: rechargable dustbuster and torch, both of which have lost their charge forever.

and 259: a pair of my son’s jeans which are beyond repair.

Rifling through one kitchen drawer came up with

260-265: loyalty cards for places I’m not loyal to.

266: a lanyard.

267: “this book belongs to” labels for my daughter – she can have them at her place.

268-297: 30 business cards (the info has been captured).

One shelf in the pantry uncovered

298-318: various items ranging from stale spices to too-dry dried fruit and

319: a novelty biscuit tin, not my thing.

Culling my bedside drawer unearthed

320-321: 2 old diaries.  I write them to capture and acknowledge my feelings, not keep them for future generations.

322-324: lotions and potions past their prime.

325: a pack of “simplicity cards”, enjoyed and passed on to someone else to keep the love going.

326: another pen that doesn’t work and

327-338: tatty bookmarks.

Another tour of the kitchen came up with

339: a milk frother

340: a fridge eye mask

341: an ugly wooden tray

342: a wall-mount for a phone which won’t be wall-mounted.

All in all not a bad haul, and I kept my promise to you to reach 300 by the time I reported in.  But I’m lagging behind if I’m to meet my challenge.  Is anyone else finding it hard?  And is that because it’s hard to part with stuff?  Or is it because, like me, there’s not much stuff to part with?  Or maybe there’s another reason – no time, lack of motivation, you need help from someone else?  Please share by leaving a comment.  Your successes and struggles will comfort and spur others on.

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  1. Pam 15 years ago

    I’m doing a victory dance!!!!
    Over 700 items have left my house either in a bin, or to the OP Shop, or ebay. My husband is very excited about finally seeing space developing in the spare room. He is even making plans for beginning the renovations. There was a time when he wouldn’t even set foot in the room.
    I am feeling better and better after my hip replacement and have returned to work. I have much more energy and am enjoying using it decluttering. Every thing that leaves the house brings us closer to starting that renovation.

  2. Lindy 15 years ago

    Ok, I am not sure how many items I am up to because my list is in the room where one of the kids is asleep but here are my latest throw aways……82 bath toys!!!!! who’d have thought!!! 3 cake tins,4 tablecloth weights, 1 lighter, 3 lids, 8 sets of chopsticks, 18 icy pole sticks, 17 spoons, 2 bendy straws, 1 tupperware trinket, 1 pastry brush, golf pencil, 2 shoelaces, 49 bread tags (no idea why my husband was saving them) 4 buttons, 3 ceiling fans, clothes horse, 12 light fittings and another 36 assorted items!!!! PHEW!! So that is another 232 items! I know I was over 500 last time I checked in and have another list in the other room with my total on it as well, so will check back in soon!!

  3. Pam 15 years ago

    I’m over half way!!!! 1015 items are gone as of today. My last hit, this afternoon was my laundry cupboard. My husband was amazed to see 2 whole free shelves, and it’s not even finished yet! Hubby has started working on our renovation and I will soon have 2 nice big wardrobes with shelves to sort my stuff into. That will empty out the spare bedroom and make way for the wall removal. The middle space between the wardrobes is going to be made into a glass display cabinet…a great place to display some of our antiques which have been stuck in the back of cupboards. That in turn will leave more cupboard space.
    Hopefully I’ll be back soon with another total that gets me closer to my goal!

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