Recently, declutterer Lindy reported that she’d found and decluttered 78 odd socks.  78!  Wow.  It got me thinking.  Where did the other 78 go?  It’s one of the great mysteries of life, I guess.

Colorful Socks

Years ago my practical mother-in-law told me her secret to keeping socks in order, and it has worked for me to a degree.  Buy socks all the same brand and colour so it matters less when a mate disappears.  Pairing socks after washing takes much less time, and can in fact be eliminated all together.  I have to admit this works for myself and the men in my family, but not my creative daughter who wants lots of colour and options.  On the plus side, she also doesn’t mind wearing odd socks.

If you prefer to pair socks after washing, save time by pegging pairs together on the line.

Or if you have young children in the house, why not use sock-pairing as a colour matching activity?  They can help, learn and have fun all at once.

But what do you do when the inevitable odd sock loses its mate?  You can

  • turn it into a pet toy
  • make a sock puppet
  • use it for dusting

What are your sock suggestions?

  1. Karen Wallace 15 years ago

    Odd socks – the bane of my life! I have a pile of them on the laundry bench – some new, some old. I often think if I just went into the kids rooms and looked in those dark recesses like the back of the cupboard and anywhere dirty clothes may have been stuffed, there would miraculously be the mate for each of those poor lonely foot coverings…

    I’d hate to toss them and then have to deal with the other half when they are finally unearthed.

    I’ve contemplated returning the single socks to their rightful owners and watching what happens next.

  2. Ric Willmot 15 years ago

    We have rather large floor to ceiling (14′ high) wardrobes.
    These were purpose built for our needs.
    My main request (as this was primarily my wife’s project) was a dedicated sock draw just for me! I ended up with two very large draws.
    In each of the drawers, are timber runners separating the drawer into four sections. This makes 8 sections in total.
    Each section is for a specific type of sock.
    1. Black business socks
    2. Casual navy socks
    3. Casual brown socks
    4. White sports socks

    You get the drift.
    My socks are organised and I have no grief.

  3. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 15 years ago

    Ooh, Ric, your sock drawers sound heavenly. Thanks for sharing.

  4. RACHEL 15 years ago

    i have a theory about the elusive odd sock it is in actual fact not really lost but is off in the black hole that is under everyones house to some degree having a party with the pens, hairclips, hairbands and ribbons!!! i once went through my odd sock bag and managed to pair up 31 pairs of socks so have faith at times they do actually reunite with their partner in the odd sock basket. Once i tried leaving the odd socks from each wash hanging out on the line using the theory that at some point its mate would have to join it out there but after the same couple of socks being on the line for 3 wks i abandoned the experiment. now if only we could locate the precise position of our black hole…….

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