Progress continues in my Decluttering Challenge!

122: a red beach towel which bleeds whenever it gets wet, not good.  It’s not even useful as rags.

123: 1 unreliable green pen.

124-135: 12 nail polishes – dried out, unflattering colours or gluggy – leaving 22.  I think that’s enough.

136: one winter dressing gown.  A dear friend gave me a gorgeous soft and cuddly new one, and there’s only room for one in my life/wardrobe.  I’ll have to toss it though as the old favourite has unslightly stains from midnight snacks.

But there are some things I won’t declutter.  That’s my collection of cookie cutters.  I have a lot, 5 tins worth.  And I love them.  When I find a cookie cutter I don’t have yet, I usually buy it.  And here’s my big confession.  I only make cut-out cookies about once a year.  But you know what?  Those cookie cutters make my heart sing.  They don’t take up much room and don’t take anything away from my life or space.  I have sorted them into groupings and the 5 tins hold alphanumeric, animal, special occasion, geometric and transport themed cookie cutters.  So they won’t be going anywhere.

The tins are themselves a collection.  Every year for Christmas, my grandmother, who lives in Germany, sends me a decorated tin filled with lebkuchen (gingerbread).  And each year the tin is more beautiful than the year before.  They’re mighty useful too.  As well as my cookie cutters, they hold our first aid supplies, nail polishes, party supplies and my husband’s wallet, keys and pocket contents when he gets home from work.  They won’t be going anywhere either. 🙂

So what will you not be decluttering?

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