I was working at an organising job today, where I discovered my client’s wedding dress.  It was a lovely gown, and it had been carefully drycleaned.  Unfortunately the dress had also been stowed away in the plastic wrapping and with the drycleaner’s wire coathanger still in place.  There were nasty rust stains through the lace and rust-coloured powder all over the dress.

Wire coathangers are nasty things.  They’re bad for your clothes, leave rust and other marks on fabrics, and take up little room.  This may seem like a good thing if you’re trying to cram lots into your wardrobe.  Actually it’s not.  It’s much better to have hangers which allow room for each item to hang without being crushed.  Please hunt out nasty wire coathangers and banish them for good.

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  1. Imogen Lamport 15 years ago

    As I tell my clients – wire coathangers are the work of the devil.

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