This year I was fortunate to share Christmas with family and friends over several days.  It was a lovely relaxed time which I really enjoyed.

One evening, gathered with friends, we each shared our stories about “Every year on Christmas Eve, I…”  For me, it was “open a gift”, owing to my German ancestry.  For someone else it was “sing carols in church”.  And for one friend, it was “get annoyed with myself because I’m not organised yet again”.  Oh dear, how sad to not enjoy Christmas Eve due to not being organised.

In the weeks leading up to December 25th, almost everyone asks “Are you ready for Christmas?”  My response varies but I always recognise that whether I’m ready or not, it’s coming anyway.

Here’s a tip – the organising process has to start way before Christmas Eve.  It’s too late to expect it to happen all at the last minute.  You can even start getting ready for next Christmas right now.

As you take down decorations, evaluate whether they’re still in good condition.  No?  Either repair or toss them.  There you go, you’re already getting ready for next Christmas.

Not happy with this year’s wreath?  Find a replacement in the post-Christmas sales.  I did and I can give you a heads up that next year’s wreath is made of white feathers and twinkling lights, and I got it half price.

Pudding not perfect?  Start asking friends now for their delicious recipes while you remember.

Stressful day with extended family?  Set aside time now, while it’s fresh in your mind, to discuss with your partner a strategy for handling the situation next time around.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about a new Declutter Project for 2009.  I hope you’ll join me in a REALLY big undertaking.  Till then… 🙂


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