I just love it when I hear of clutter-clearing successes.  Here are a couple of examples from subscribers who found success with the Creating Order Clutter Challenge.

Sunita wrote about the Wardrobe declutter:

I just went through all the stuff in my wardrobe and in half an hour got rid of two bags of clothes that I hadn’t worn in years.

My teenage daughters too went through what they didn’t want and we had 4 bags of clothes to take to the local orphanage and women’s home.

The feeling was great.

Emma Watt wrote about the Medicine Cabinet declutter:

I do this annually for the boat I sail on.  We have to keep a comprehensive first aid kit because we do offshore races (Hobart kind of races), and my job is to audit the kit every year, dispose of the out-of-date medications and get new ones.  Often I need prescription drugs, and some are fairly serious drugs … it’s always interesting getting a doctor to prescribe medication for me that I have not current medical need for, especially when they ask, ‘what’s the name of the boat?’ and I have to say ‘Addiction’.


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