Today’s Guest Post comes to you from Graham Dudley from Garageking™.


In life it is the general rule “Aim High, Start Low”.  However, when organising storage in a garage, shed or workshop, it is advisable to “Start High and Aim Low”.

Simply, there are always myriad bits and pieces that build up over time in the garage and once these have been filtered into the good, the bad and ugly piles, they can then be allocated to the correct locations.  In the harshest of environments, the “bad” items are filed in the big black box with wheels, aptly labelled with your local council logo…aka the bin.  The “good” items are those that genuinely are needed and used on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis but need to be accessible.  Finally, there is the “ugly” pile of those items you rarely need but cannot get rid of.

We’re going to start with the “Uglies” and start high.

If you allocate a single wall of your garage it would normally measure approximately 6m x 2.5m or 15m² of storage.  With a Garageking™ storagewall system in steelwall or slatwall, you can maximise this space to its full potential with hooks, brackets, baskets, shelves…etc.

Now the Uglies…as uglies are rarely needed, we need to organise these up high, out of the way but still accessible.  Using lidded and stacking containers on a high shelf simply organises these into visible cubes.  Starting high means we are using the wasted space near the ceiling of the garage for these items that are used rarely and this can include long pieces of wood, materials, kayaks, skis, luggage, archive papers etc.

Aim low is simply that…the items you need access to for daily or weekly tasks should be from head height down.  Again the use of containers for larger items and smaller wall mounted bins can organise the nuts and bolts, glues and tapes easily and visibly.  Add hooks too the perforated wall systems for hand tools, garden equipment, power tools, cables, extension cords, hoses etc. and you have control of your destiny.  Heavier and wheeled items should be positioned on the floor with access to use the wheels for mobility saving the effort and fight of trying to untangle the lawnmower from the garden rake and yard brush.

An average Garageking™ storage wall system uses 350mm depth in the garage and will create approximately 5¼ cubic metres of storage if used efficiently.  Image a Ford Territory with the back seats down is approximately 1.15 cubic metres and you see what Garageking™ can create.  That’s nearly 5 Ford Territories of storage.

So start high with the items you don’t use regularly and aim low with the equipment you need to get to.


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