One morning last week, a Professional Organiser friend and colleague and I had an important meeting.  The meeting went well, and to celebrate we went to get coffee afterwards.  Over coffee and a chat we discovered we both had no set plans for the rest of the day, something quite unusual for both of us.  We also realised we both had Christmas shopping to get done.  We are women of action, so off we went, the two of us on a mission.

In about 3 hours we managed to buy gifts for 19 people, 2 pairs of shoes and various other essentials.  Now I’m not the kind of girl who enjoys shopping, or does it often.  But everywhere we went, people commented on how organised we were.  We just grinned and thought “yes we are”.  So how did we accomplish so much in so little time?

  • We had in mind those we had to buy for and what might suit.
  • We knew our budgets and stuck to them.
  • We made quick decisions.
  • We had each other, which made it fun instead of a chore.

It’s really that simple.  Start now and you too could have your Christmas gift shopping done before December starts and so do the crowds.

  1. Avatar photo
    Jim Deitzel 16 years ago

    19 people! Wow!

    How many stores did you visit? Where you in a mall?

    I’ve only just started my list. I think I need to start thinking about the holidays starting right now.

  2. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 16 years ago

    Good question, Jim. Yes we were in a mall with lots of choices. In all I’d say we visited 8 stores, not including our stop for coffee.

  3. Avatar photo
    Wendy 16 years ago

    LOL, I can just see the 2 of you. I know who it was. Wish I had been thee too.
    I did a little christmas shopping in Chicago.

  4. Avatar photo
    Karen Wallace 15 years ago

    Can I book you to come shopping with ME next year? I did the maths, and between you, you managed to buy one present every 9 minutes (and that isn’t counting time out for coffee or the shoes…)

    I am OK with the first two things on your list, but the quick decisions sometimes evade me, and the fun always does… hmmm maybe I need to find a shopping buddy here in Brisbane.

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