But wait, there’s more!  I’m so pleased to be able to bring you this collection of Time Management Tips from my business colleagues.  These people know what they’re talking about, they are making it happen.

Graham Dudley, General Manager, Garage King™ says –

Organising a garage saves time beyond belief.

I have to agree with Graham.  Being able to lay your hands on what you’re looking for makes a big difference to how much can be achieved.

Margaret Barwell, Celebrant, says –

As I travel all over the place with my job, I collect all “tasks” like purchasing items from Officeworks, supermarket shopping, visiting clients, purchasing petrol etc. and then plan a round trip so that I am not going in and out and backwards and forwards wasting time.  One round trip completes all tasks in one go and saves on petrol.

Imogen Lamport, Image Consultant, Bespoke Image says –

Hang your clothes in colour order and by type – so all tops together, all trousers together, then work from white to black via the rainbow for each clothing type.  This way, when you’re getting dressed in the morning, when you’re looking for that blue shirt, if it’s not in the blue section of your wardrobe, you know it’s in the wash, saving you time and effort.  It only takes a few seconds to keep this system organised when putting clothes away.

Once again, thank you to all my generous colleagues for sharing their wisdom.  Check back tomorrow for part 4.

  1. Imogen makes some great points that I use in my own closet, but I’d like to also suggest this: Add a lower hanger bar to help separate tops and bottoms. I hang all of my suit jackets and tops on that low bar because they are easily identifiable. My jackets and tops are in several colors, but most of my skirts and pants are navy or black (only a few pairs in a different color altogether like red or taupe). So I prefer having all of my skirts and pants at eye level on the higher bar; this way I can quickly flip the tag and grab the right item. I also keep all navy items together, and all black items together so they’re easy to find even on a dark morning before coffee. It may also help to separate the navy from the black with clothes in another color.

    It also helps if you have another closet or storage place for your off-season wardrobe. For example, as soon as Spring begins I take out anything that looks heavy or itchy. That includes things like tweeds and heavy wool flannels. Wool gabardines are still wearable at this point, and jackets without collars (they make fantastic and flexible transition pieces). Lastly, if you do have your colors done with an image consultant, he or she will help you whittle your wardrobe down to pieces that really work for you, eliminating a lot of clutter and making it easier to organize your closet and find what you need in a split second.

  2. Kell 15 years ago

    These are some great tips. I work from home and spread my work all over the house. However, after nagging from the family and realizing that this was an inefficient use of my time, I decided to organize my home office. The basics of the organization process was to have a home for everything and everything in its home. This has greatly reduced my clutter. For more ideas see these tips for organizing your home office.

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