These days we’re looking for ways to save money like never before.  One way to do it is to take control of your pantry.  Knowing what you have in stock will save you money if you do some meal planning before heading out to buy groceries.

  1. Check what’s on hand
  2. Create your meal plan using what you have
  3. Write a list of what’s needed
  4. Shop to supplement stocks with fresh food
  5. Put the money you saved into a jar

Over time the amount will grow and you’ll see the benefit of shopping at home first.

  1. Janet Barclay 15 years ago

    Scott and I have been doing Steps 1-4 for so long now that #5 wouldn’t even cross our minds. We find it eliminates a lot of stress when we don’t have to come up with a meal plan every single day. A lot of people find it quirky, or maybe even weird, but I’ve noticed they also get a kick out of checking out our kitchen calendar to see what we’ve been eating!

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