A friend of mine has a new gorgeous puppy.  She’s having a busy time (my friend that is) training this new addition to the family.  It requires dogged persistence (pun intended 🙂 ), consistency and patience in these early days.  But the payoff will be felt for many years to come.  A little inconvenience for everyone now, along with some mistakes from which to learn – the occasional wet patch, sticking to a routine, etc. – will produce benefits in the future – a well-trained and well-behaved pet.

It’s the same with any new endeavour, and getting organised is no different.  At first it may be difficult to learn new routines.  And there will be the occasional slip-up, from which you can learn.  But in the end getting organised will save time, money and effort.

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  1. Eva Wallace 16 years ago

    Well put! Thanks, Angela. 🙂

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