Sometimes you just have to admit you can’t do everything.  One of those times came for me today.  Occasionally in my household the ironing pile gets out of control.  Today I had to admit I wasn’t going to catch up without a little help, so I’ve just delivered a load to a lovely lady who will probably do a better job than me anyway.  Here are some tips on getting the ironing done.

Reduce.  I often hear the voice of my 5th Form Geography teacher ringing in my ears.  I didn’t learn much geography that year, but plenty about how to reduce housework.  She always wore drip-dry non-iron clothes, and insisted her adult family do the same, or do their own ironing.

Delegate.  In my case I delegated to someone outside the home.  You may know someone in your home who could take on the job.  Either way, recognise there are other people in the world who may have more time, more expertise or more motivation to get the job done.

Research.  If you do farm out the task, do the research.  The last time the ironing got out of control, I rang a number I found in the local paper.  I was so grateful to find a reasonably priced service I didn’t ask any more questions.  Unless you like the smell of stale cigarette smoke permeating your freshly ironed clothes, hire a non-smoker.  Also, agree on all the variables before handing over the job, like how long it will take, whether delivery is included and payment terms.  Referrals are the best source of quality work.  Ask around and a gem could just fall in your lap.

Relax.  Ok, so you’ve handed the ironing over to someone else.  Well done.  Enjoy the moment and don’t feel the least bit guilty.  You’ve saved your sanity, got the job done and helped someone else earn a living.

  1. Imogen 16 years ago

    I used to have an ironing woman but she’s just had a baby and is no longer doing it … so I”m having to do it myself again.

    I find that if I can incorporate it into my TV watching time, I hate it a little less (though not much).

  2. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 16 years ago

    Thanks Imogen. Taking your mind off the unpleasant tasks by doing something you enjoy – watching TV, listening to music, chatting to a friend – is definitely the way to make the hours pass more quickly.

  3. Chris 16 years ago

    Yes I agree Imogen I have to anaesthetise myself with good TV to get any ironing done as well!
    But Imogen, the lady that Angela used is the lady I now use regularly every week! No more of two MONUMENTALLY overfilled baskets sitting accusingly on my laundry shelf!!
    She lives near us Imogen, her charges are very reasonable Imogen! Give me a call and I’ll give you her number!!
    My sanity has returned thanks to this woman.
    Ladies one and all, ironing is a sick perversion and should be eradicated. …As long as I can still have ironed shirts that is!

  4. Imogen 16 years ago

    My Mother in Law loves ironing, she finds it theraputic. She is a fantastic ironer. I just iron creases into clothes! I’m giving you that call Chris.

  5. fran 15 years ago

    What drives me mad about ironing is that it just gets creased again in the wardrobe. I know that this means that the wardrobe is too full but no matter how much I thin it out – well I do the ironing and it’s full again!

    • Avatar photo Author
      creatingorderfromchaos 15 years ago

      Oh dear, Fran. Unfortunately I think you’ll have to do some more thinning out. (There’s a blog post coming soon about that.)

      Are you perhaps able to fit in another rail below the upper rail to extend your hanging space? And never hang your ironing while it’s still warm. Wait for it to completely cool and it will crease much less.

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