I’m one of those people who rarely change handbags. Whether dining out or shopping or heading off to work, I use the same handbag. Why? Well, I’m very picky about which handbag I buy. It has to have all the right compartments in the right places, so I know where my phone, keys, wallet, makeup etc. go.  It also has to look right and suit my style. And it has to feel right, not too heavy, not too bulky, the right handles or strap. I’m also not the kind of person who’s willing to spend time transferring “the essentials” from one handbag to another several times a week. All in all, it takes a little research to get the “right” handbag, and once found, it serves me very well. In fact, last time I found the “perfect” bag, I bought a 2nd when it was on sale, to have one in reserve.  The day recently came when it was put into service and the transition was very smooth.

Creating Handbag Order


What sort of handbag do you prefer? And how do you keep it organised?


  1. Imogen 16 years ago

    I love lots of handbags, and as most handbags have similar pockets I tend to just transfer the lipsticks and glasses from the zipper pocket to the next bag, then pour the diary, client notebook, pen etc into that day’s bag.

    I do find by regularly changing bag, I get rid of the bits of useless paper etc that clutter up a bag, so it keeps me more organised.

    You could also have a few small mesh bags that hold things and you can even transfer them one to the next quite easily.

  2. Alison 16 years ago

    I’m just like you, Angela: I’ve got one handbag and I cling to it. I think for me this came from my days at university – a good rucksack, with weeny pockets for all my bits and pieces, was virtually glued to my flank for many years.

    Now it’s a lady bag, but there’s still a whole passel of pockets. A pocket for everything, and everything in its pocket. 🙂

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