There has been an overwhelming response to the Creating Order Clutter Challenge.  So many of my subscribers have written in with their success stories.  It feels great to be making a difference in people’s lives.  Here are a few of the comments…

First, from Chris

So I’ve spent 10 minutes in the VERY dusty shelves where I keep my shoes and have collected 2 bags of old shoes that need to go, 3 pairs perfect for Fitted for Work and now can see what shoes I do have as they all fit on my shelves now!  What’s more, the bottom shelf (that’s really just the floor underneath these shelves is now shoe-free and can be vacuumed.  Thanks heaps.

And Nick said,

Gday Angela, thanks for the challenge!  I ended up throwing out (recycling) 10 or more things (some to rag bag and some to op shop).  I think the challenge worked for me because it was less daunting.  Then I got caught up in it and I threw out an old sports bag and footy boots as well.

And this from Judy

Thanks Angela for your inspiration again.  Did you have to mention the magazines!

Well, yes I did.  As a fellow magazine lover I know how quickly they can accumulate.  They’ve cost me $$ over the years, but are my one “vice”.  Judy sent a great tip as well –

Buy your magazines, especially the expensive home decorator ones, from the charity shop for cents rather than dollars.  The stories get recycled anyway.

Thank you to all who’ve kept me up to date with their progress.  Keep it coming.

It’s not too late to join in and create your own success.  Simply subscribe to my e-newsletter.  🙂

  1. Marilyn Bohn 16 years ago

    I didn’t catch the original challenge, but I enjoyed reading the success stories of your readers. I just challenged my readers to pick a place and work at organizing it for just 15 minutes–set a timer and work until it goes off. I am looking forward to their successes as well.

  2. missim 16 years ago

    The response I get from my clients after I’ve decluttered their wardrobe and given it some Therapy, is that they tell me they feel lighter, cleaner and less bogged down. They often worry that they’ll have nothing to wear (as I take on average 5 big black garbage bins worth of clothes away with me to the charity shop), but they soon realise that they weren’t wearing these clothes anyway and they were just taking up precious space in both their wardrobes and their brains!

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