Yesterday I took some time out to attend a luncheon to celebrate Dymo National Organising Week.  I was there respresenting the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers, along with Wendy Hanes, AAPO’s Secretary.  Here’s a photo of us with guest of honour, Peter Walsh, the N.O.W. Ambassador.  Melbourne is his home town, so welcome back, Peter.  It was my first time meeting Peter.  He is down to earth and humble, and I could listen to him speak about Organising for hours.  He charmed everyone in the room.

Tottie Goldsmith made a gracious MC, and the Dymo team were wonderful hosts.  They’ve put a lot of work into making National Organising Week successful, and although the week’s not over yet, I have to say it’s paid off.

  1. missim 16 years ago

    I’ve seen Peter on Oprah, and he is amazing, he really gets to the root of the problems that create the clutter, rather than just the stuff itself.

    His books are great too – worth a read too.

  2. Avatar photo Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 16 years ago

    You are so right. One of his books – It’s All Too Much – will be this month’s Book of the Month. Stay tuned.

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