This morning an unwanted email arrived in my inbox.  It wasn’t spam.  Long ago I signed up for information from this company.  Nowadays I’ve had my questions answered and no longer need to be kept informed.  So I scrolled down to the bottom of the email where it said “Click here to unsubscribe”.  It’s worth the extra moment to take steps to remove my name from the mailing list.  There’s no need to put up with the interruption of unwanted email when it’s so easy to unsubscribe.

That got me thinking.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a “Click here to unsubscribe” in other aspects of our lives?  Think of all the intrusions, disruptions and energy-draining situations and people where this would come in handy.

  • the barking dog keeping you away at night – *click*
  • gossiping colleague – *click*
  • bickering children – *click*
  • gloomy Gus/negative Nellie – *click*
  • the traffic jam – *click*

What would you “Click here to unsubscribe”?

  1. Janet Barclay 16 years ago

    Telemarketers calling to try and sell me siding, windows or doors (I live in an apartment)!

  2. Sany 16 years ago

    my recent parking ticket – *click*

  3. Karen Wallace 16 years ago

    grumpy teenagers *click*

  4. Chris Owen 16 years ago

    And it’s also important to unsubscribe rather than just getting pooey and reporting them as spammers. After all you asked em into your Inbox in the first place!

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