Following on from the last post, the ability to say no is an important skill, especially for time management.

Why say no?  Saying no to that which does not further your goals means saying yes to that which does.  Spending time working on someone else’s agenda leaves less time for your own.  Now, I’m not saying you should never help someone, or volunteer your time, or simply have time out.  I do all those things.  It’s just that being mindful of your own goals, and how you spend your time, is good time management.  So, from time to time, you will have to say no, and mean it, to achieve what you really want.

So how do you say no?  There are many ways to say no without offending.  Here are a few…

  • Not at this time
  • I’m not the right person
  • I can’t devote enough energy right now
  • I have other commitments
  • No, I can’t

Those are some words you can use.  Beginners to saying no may need to practise.  Rehearse some lines in your head or with a friend.  Believe you and your time are worth it.  And remember that if someone keeps asking you to do something after you’ve clearly said no, they are not respecting you.

And here’s something Mums and Dads the world over know.  When you say no, mean it.  In other words, no means no, not maybe.  It’s not negotiable.  If you waiver just once, you’ve created a precedent and the next time it’ll be even harder to stick to your decision.  If you’re not sure, it’s ok to say that.  Ask for more information or time to make your decision.  After that, you know what to do, right?

  • Was there a time when it was hard to say no but you did it anyway?
  • Do you find it easy to say no?
  • Can you think of more ways to say no?
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