How long does it take you to

  1. Get ready for work?
  2. Make lunch?
  3. Write a blog post?

If you don’t know the answer, there’s a chance you’ll

  1. Arrive late for work.
  2. Skip making lunch because you think it’ll take too long.
  3. Run late for your next commitment.

Being aware of time is half way to being on time.

I had a client once who was nearly always running late.  But she was never late to drop her kids at school.  Why?  Because she knew exactly how long it took every morning to get 3 kids breakfasted, dressed, teeth and hair brushed, bags packed, an occasional argument, trip to the toilet, into the car, buckled up and driven to school.  She was armed with the information she needed to make the right decisions to achieve her goal of arriving at school on time.

Once she applied the same self-awareness principles to the rest of her day, she wasn’t late any more (mostly).


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