Peter Walsh is a name now well-known in organising circles.  His books It’s All Too Much and Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? are likewise well-known.  Lesser known, but just as valuable, is How to Organize Just About Everything and that’s the one I’m writing about today.  Peter covers both serious and lighthearted topics.  There are 501 how-tos from Organize Spring Cleaning to Organize a Bicycle Scavenger Hunt to Plan an Invasion.  There’s something in there for everyone.

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    Marilyn 16 years ago

    I have a friend who loaned me this book of Peter’s and I was just thinking I should read it again. Since you mentioned it I am going to commit to reading a couple of pages of it today. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Peter told us at the organizing conference in Reno that he was approached to put his name on this book and after some revisions and suggestions and negotiating he did. Because he is ‘a name’ it got more coverage–and as a professional organizer I am sure glad it did.

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