Mothers Day is just a week away.  Stuck for ideas on how to show your appreciation and affection?  Here are some ideas for last minute clutter-free gifts any mother would love.

  • a massage, facial, manicure or pedicure
  • a subscription to her favourite magazine
  • a promise to weed the garden or iron for a month (or more)
  • dancing/photography/painting lessons
  • a double pass to the movies
  • tickets to the theatre/opera/ballet/rock concert/sporting event
  • an outing to her favourite gallery/garden nursery/cafe
  • a framed photograph
  • a mix CD of favourite songs
  • your time
  1. imogen 11 years ago

    How about a colour analysis or wardrobe audit to clear the clutter!

  2. Angela Author
    creatingorderfromchaos 11 years ago

    Great idea, Imogen. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a colour analysis in the past, and I’m still reaping the benefits.

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