I’m not a big fan of sticky notes.  In fact I have a slight aversion.  I find that too often they are asked to do too much for too long.  They are ok as temporary flags in a report or magazine, or to jot a quick note until a more permanent calendar or task list entry can be made.  But surely a piece of scrap paper would do as well.  I keep some sticky notes in my handbag only because they are part of a little notepad set.

These came in very handy late one night while setting up camp in an isolated spot.  Picture it, the moon providing just enough light to pitch the tent and prepare the airbeds.  We were happy to be away from the city but tired from travelling and ready for a good night’s sleep.  I blew and blew and the first airbed inflated quickly.  The end was in sight.  I blew and blew and nothing happened.  The valve of this new airbed wouldn’t open.  What I needed was a straw to open the valve and let the air in.  I hunted high and low.  No straw.  Nothing that resembled a straw.  And no chance of buying one in that time or place.  My frustration grew.  After all, I am a problem-solver, I am always prepared.  My reputation was on the line, not to mention a comfortable night’s sleep.  And then it came to me.  Cue the bell… brrring!  I discovered that a small sticky note, wrapped around a tent peg, inserted past the valve, and tent peg removed, indeed made a straw.  My reputation and a good night’s sleep were restored.

So thank you sticky notes.  There is a place for you in my life after all.


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