Is disorganisation costing you lost sales?  Don’t be like the supplier I have been trying to deal with this week.  I wanted to place an order.  I sent 2 emails, and phoned the number listed on their website.  There’s been no reply to either email.  But even worse, the number I dialled is no longer the number for that business.  Imagine that – a wholesaler that doesn’t tell customers what number to call to place an order, or answer emails.  According to the poor man I phoned, they are definitely still in business.  But I don’t think they will be for much longer.  I have the new number but I won’t be using it.  I have no faith that my order would even arrive.

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    Katie G 16 years ago

    thank you for the jolt I have been meaning to do this for soooooooooo long.

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    Chris 16 years ago

    Go on! Tell us WHO that was !!!!
    Oh Alright, Be ethical then!

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