Your local community can save you time and money.  There are numerous examples of communities coming together to get more done.  Here are just a few…

Babysitting Club – Families share babysitting, using a points system, rather than exchanging dollars.  You only sit for other families as much as you use a sitter.

Walking School Bus – Children walk to school in a group supervised by parents, collecting children from “bus stops” or their homes.  This is a healthy option, and a great time-saver.  Imagine not battling that school car park every morning!

Gardening Club – I’ve heard of a group of 6 keen gardeners who share their labour while enjoying friendship.  Each month they meet in one of their homes for a day of heavy duty gardening.  Together they tackle a big project, like constructing a path or vegie patch.  The roster rotates so that each of them benefits from the scheme twice a year.

Dinner Club – Instead of cooking 7 evening meals a week, a dinner club asks each member of the group to cook just one meal a week, in large quantities, which is then shared among the group.  The group meets on the weekend to exchange the meals, which are frozen for use during the week.

Car Share Scheme – Ownership and running costs of a car is shared among local residents, who also share the use of the car.  It’s great for those not needing to drive often, or instead of a second car.

Car Pooling – This one’s been around for a long time, but it’s still worth mentioning as a money-saving and environment-friendly option.  And don’t forget the online community.  Now there’s a way to car pool no matter where you’re headed, just by checking out the many online car pooling sites.

If you know of any other ways to save time and money, while also building your community, please share with us.


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