I save time and money every week.  You can too.  Here’s how…

shopping list

First a bit about why you’d benefit from these tips.  Let’s say you stop at the supermarket on your way home from work to pick up ingredients for dinner.  By the time you’ve parked, collected your items, picked up a few impulse buys, paid and found your way out of the car park again, you will have spent at least half an hour.  Then there’s the extra spending and increased stress levels.  Maybe you’ve even got the children in tow after their long day in child care or school.  I bet they’d rather be home enjoying a cuddle or playing.  Do this 4 or 5 times a week, and you can see how the time and money adds up.

Now for the good news.  A little time invested at the start of the week for planning, plus one shopping trip, will see your pantry stocked and your evenings stress free.  First, gather up all the information you need.  This includes your recipes (easy, fast, tried and true ones are best), the supermarket specials catalogue and your calendar.  Now start your meal planning.  Take into consideration your families likes and dislikes, their schedule and yours, what’s in season, and ways to use leftovers.

Here’s an example:

Monday – Chicken Satay (son’s away, we’ll enjoy spicy food he doesn’t like)

Tuesday – Grilled Trout & Salad (bin night, fish night)

Wednesday – Roast Chicken & Veg (roast 2, use 2nd for tomorrow night)

Thursday – Chop Suey

Friday – Beef & Vegetable Pie (husband home alone, pie’s in the freezer)

Saturday – Dinner out

Sunday – Barbecue

Once you have the menu planned, the shopping list writes itself.  Just remember to take it along when you shop.


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