Christmas is behind us, and I hope yours was all you wished for.  Mine certainly was, thanks to the many people I shared it with.

Now is the perfect time to start getting organised for the next Christmas.  I don’t mean buying up big on cards and wrapping paper in the Boxing Day sales, although that’s something many people do.  I figure the saving I’d make isn’t worth storing the items all year.  But that’s my choice, each to their own.

No, I just think now is a great time to evaluate what worked well this Christmas, and what you’d never do again.  I’ll never again buy a do-it-yourself Gingerbread House kit.  I bought one last year and this year as well, and neither got constructed.  And my Christmas was perfect without it.  On the other hand, I really impressed with some simple and quick recipes for entertaining.  So there’s a lesson learned for me.  How about you?

Another way to get a head start on next Christmas is to take a long hard look at your decorations as they come down.  Perhaps there are some still in the box, which haven’t been used in years.  Is it time they retired altogether?

And finally, check that everything is in good working order before being packed away.  There’s nothing more Christmas spirit-stealing than pulling out lights or decorations to find they need attention before you can put them into use.  I know I’ll be sewing some rings onto my daughter’s handmade advent calendar before it goes into storage.

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  1. mgagliano 16 years ago

    Thanks for the ideas. I really need to evaluate what I am holding onto. There are many things I have not used in quite a few years. It might be time to make room for some things I absolutely love.

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