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Natalie Dougan,

Natalie Dougan

Habitat Home Organising

Littlehampton, South Australia


0412 830 643


Knowing how to organise and effectively utilise a space is not something that comes naturally to everyone.

Bringing in a Professional Organiser can not only immediately reduce clutter and disorganisation, but more importantly, implement new systems which will change the way you function in your daily life, long term.

I started this business because I want to help people make space in their lives, for the important things. I believe that investing in organising your life, is a form of self care and can see the weight lift from clients shoulders, when they first see their newly organised space.

I love to help clients find functional systems for their spaces, focusing on using what they may already have around the home for storage options.

As a mum of two young children, I understand how difficult it can be to keep things tidy! I am patient, compassionate and non judgemental and I like to work closely with my clients to ensure that they remain comfortable throughout the entire organising process.

Services Provided

Children, Downsizing, Estate Clearance, Hands-on Decluttering & Organising, Hoarding, Home Office, Kitchen, Photo Organising, Relocations, Residential, Virtual Organising, Wardrobe

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