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Debbie Hunter, Assist Declutter and Organise

Debbie Hunter

Assist Declutter and Organise

North Lakes (Brisbane)


0402 668 338


Hello, I’m Debbie. I started this business as a logical outworking of my passion for organising. I recognise that the task of decluttering and implementing efficient systems can be overwhelming. Moreover, the pressure to conform to the Instagram perfect standards can leave you feeling defeated.

I have a wealth of experience in various practical roles, including offices, tuckshops, child care, catering, travel, and working with seniors. I noticed that people from all walks of life struggle with clutter and I understand the challenges busy individuals face in maintaining a calm and organised living space.

I will work with you to declutter, create some order and bring some serenity to your spaces. I am friendly, down to earth and non-judgmental, you also won’t be under pressure to buy lots of expensive storage systems. Let’s work together with what you have and the choices will all be yours.

​My expertise also extends to the art of packing and unpacking, a skill I honed through approximately 20 relocations and numerous real estate transactions, where I meticulously styled my properties for maximum profitability.

If you need to downsize, I can assist you with getting through this daunting process. I can also assist if you are clearing a deceased estate or items from a marriage breakdown. You will be treated with warmth, understanding and dignity while we work together to release the items you wish to let go of.

Services Provided

Downsizing, Estate Clearance, Garage & Shed, Hands-on Decluttering & Organising, Home Office, Kitchen, Property Styling & Staging, Relocations, Senior Move Management, Wardrobe

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