Creating Order Conversations

Distance is no barrier to getting organised the Creating Order way.

Phone, Zoom or Skype Consultations are ideal for any organising project, from time management to clearing the clutter. They are conducted at a time and pace to suit you.

  • We start with discovering your goals and individual needs.
  • Then we move on to quick wins to get you on the path to organised.
  • Each session will bring you closer to your goals.
  • Each virtual consultation lasts from 30 minutes and costs start at $60.
  • You can tailor a virtual consultation package to suit your needs and budget.
  • You receive customised guidance; tips and suggestions; ongoing support, and accountability.


Just a phone call will get you on track – I was always fairly organised – but I had a heavy secret – Angela gave me the insight I needed to let go of my magazine collection and after 5 years, it hasn’t returned.
Marina McHutchison, Queensland

I really enjoyed our phone session and you have stirred more enthusiasm in me. Maybe I can convert from hoarder to order!
Mandy, Melbourne

Thank you for your help via our phone conversations on clearing clutter. Thank you for your support, and please know that it was a pleasure to spend time speaking with you and hearing your calming, thoughtful suggestions about a way forward.
C.G., Perth

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