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Shari Robinson, Sensibly Sorted

Shari Robinson

Sensibly Sorted



0420 502 257


My name is Shari Robinson and I am a professional organiser based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

I help people find sensible solutions to their clutter and disorganisation problems.

Having raised three children whilst trying to have a career and run our home, I have had my share of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and struggling to keep our family life on track.

Over the years I researched systems for keeping our home clutter free and organised. I tried various methods until I found the ones that work for me. Everyone is different so my job is to find what works for you and help you put strategies in place to keep everything on track.

I love the feeling that comes from living in a clutter free and calm home.  It means I can find what I need and get my space back in order quickly if I have been busy with other things or been tired or unwell.

My mission is to help people make their space a more uncluttered, functional and calm place to enjoy.  Your space does not need to look like a display home, it just needs to work for you.  My own struggles with organisation and clutter mean that I certainly won’t judge you or your situation.   There are lots of reasons why people find themselves in homes that feel out of control but any situation can be improved.  Sometimes you just need to take the first step.

If you have some problem areas in your home or your entire home is a problem area and you don’t know where to start then please give me a call on 0421 502 257 or email me at  We can talk through the problem and work out how I can help.


Shari Robinson Sensibly Sorted

Services Provided

Children, Chronic Disorganisation, Downsizing, Garage & Shed, Hands-on Decluttering & Organising, Hoarding, Home Office, Kitchen, Offsite Storage, Residential, Wardrobe

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