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Rachael Nash

Rachael Nash

Organising With Rachael



0478 031 602


Hi, I’m Rachael of Organising With Rachael.

I believe our homes are our place to rest, work and enjoy ourselves. They are a reflection of who we are and are unique. Our homes also need to change with us as our needs change whilst still facilitating our routines. Sometimes a little help is needed to reclaim a space from clutter and mess and who doesn’t need an extra pair of hands while moving! Maybe a loved one has passed and you need a supportive person to assist you with what is left behind.

I provide a fully confidential, non-judgemental service that is tailored to your organisational style and needs. I help you to see the potential of your space, rediscover and upcycle what you already have and teach you ways to stay organised moving forward.

Contact me today so we can get started on 0478 031 602!



“Thank you so much Rachael! From our initial phone conversation through to the last recycling box, you put my mind at ease and helped me to see the possibilities for my home. I was skeptical at first about how this would work but from the word go you were proactive in imparting skills for future organisation, helping me to categorise my things and asking me the important questions that helped me part with so much unnecessary ‘stuff’. You’ve given me the momentum to continue. I’ll definitely be recommending your services.”

A. N., North Melbourne

Services Provided

Downsizing, Garage & Shed, Hands-on Decluttering & Organising, Kitchen, Relocations, Wardrobe

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