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Kristina Mudge, On the Shelf Organising

Kristina Mudge

On the Shelf Organising

Port Germein


0438 840 369


Hi, my name is Kristina Mudge

I’m a Professional Organiser based in regional South Australia, 250km north of Adelaide, helping individuals to simplify their lives.

I understand that in this crazy world we live in, the pace of change is exhausting and often overwhelms us, leaving us with little or no time or energy to keep on top of what’s happening at home. If you don’t have many strategies and processes in place to live an organised life, before you know it, things start to pile up, time runs out and stress moves in.

That’s where I can help…………………….


Being organised is a wonderful feeling

There’s no doubt in my mind that being organised is less stressful. Once you have de-cluttered and re-organised your house or work site and worked out strategies and processes especially for you, it’s so easy to keep on top of everyday living. The bonus is you find the extra time and energy to do the things that really matter to you and to fulfil other goals in your life…..happy days!!


My passion

I live 35km from the closest regional centre. Necessity drove me to be organised but also empowered me to realise that if I was organised, I could experience life to the fullest. It just took ….keeping things simple.

I’m really passionate about helping people simplify their lives. It can just be a small shift in thinking about the way their homes are managed, or by providing assistance to a change in small business office procedures to help them run more smoothly and productively. You then get the chance to………..take an early minute!!!


Are you ready for a change?

If you’re ready to lead a simple, less stressed life, contact me on Mob: 0438 840 369 or by email at and chat with me about how we can change things for the better.

Services Provided

Archiving, Business, Estate Clearance, Hands-on Decluttering & Organising, Hoarding, Home Office, Kitchen, Relocations, Residential, Senior Move Management, Wardrobe

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