Every organiser comes to professional organising via a different path.  Our past life experiences, our values and beliefs, our personalities, all shape us in different ways.  We bring those experiences, values, beliefs and personalities to our work with clients.  In the end, just like there is a lid for every pot, there is an organiser for every client (and a client for every organiser).

Choose your path to Professional Organising

Here are some stories from professional organisers about what brought them to this line of work, and what keeps them here.  Happy reading!  I hope you feel inspired.

Danielle Atkins from Declutter Life shares her story in Bombs, Ebola and Professional Organising

Chantal Imbach from Simply in Order came to organising via Switzerland and the corporate world.  Read Chantal’s story here.

Marion Ivermee-Villarosa from A Place of Calm shares her journey from confusion and chaos to calm here.

Amy Kennedy from The Organising Bee shares about what makes her buzz in A little about me… and The Organising Bee.

And then there’s me, Angela Esnouf, from Creating Order from Chaos and The Professional Organiser’s Edge.  You can read about my organising beliefs and values here.

If you are looking for a career as an organiser, or know someone who would be fabulous in this field, take a look here.





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