Here’s an interview I did with Craig Zonca on the ABC.  We have some fun with my cookie cutters.

Click here to listen.

  1. Susanne Thiebe 12 years ago

    Hi Angela,
    It’s good to know that someone else is collecting cookie cutters – and mine are not even labelled. I think it’s the German heritage – the remembrance of Christmas cookies being baked when coming home from school. My family started baking in October and my brother and I always had a fight at the beginning of the season over the most interesting recopies. By Christmas, between my mum and the two of us, we would have baked 35 different varieties!
    That’s the reason I love and collect cookie cutters

  2. […] Readers got to listen to my interview with ABC presenter, Craig Zonca, in The Story of Me & My Cookie Cutters. […]

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