I’ve just returned from pre-conference drinks and dinner with an exciting bunch of people.  I’m in Brisbane for the AAPO Conference and the place is buzzing.  I’m loving the energy and enthusiasm from the delegates, and the conference hasn’t even started yet.  I’m looking forward to hearing from the wonderful line-up of presenters, and presenting myself on the last day.  We have a record number of delegates from 5 different countries attending.   So I’d better get to bed so I can be fresh for my opening address at 8am.

  1. Julie Bestry 13 years ago

    I know how excited I get each time I attend a NAPO conference, so I’m completely envious about you being there at the AAPO conference. I’ve Googled your conference schedule, and can’t help but identify the sessions I wish I were attending.

    (It also tickles me to no end to see “morning tea” and “afternoon tea” listed on a conference itinerary.)

  2. Chris Owen 13 years ago

    You GO girl and party hard!!!! You definitely deserve it and I KNOW you’ll have wowed em with your opening address because I’ve heard you in the public speaking setting and you rock!
    Now Julie Bestry, do tell us what’s tickle-material about the morning and afternoon tea?????
    Is it a QLC? (Quirky local custom!)
    I presume NAPO is US so don’t you have coffee breaks at conferences in the US???

  3. staceydavidson 13 years ago

    Wasnt it a fabulous conference!

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