These tips are brought to you by Karen Glass from Time Well Spent.  Thanks Karen!

  • Write your intentions at the end of each day for tasks to complete the following day and prioritise these tasks accordingly.
  • Tackle the difficult tasks first (easier said than done) but once these are completed you usually have a feeling of achievement and feel that anything can be done!!
  • Place a weekly/monthly calendar on the wall to view upcoming events and deadlines.
  • Make sure you start the day with a clear desk, comfortable seating and good lighting (being comfortable will make you more productive).
  • Make time to file (yes it can be boring) but a clear desk means a clear mind.

Karen Glass is the Director of Time Well Spent. With 10 years experience in Administration and Project Management, including work in London, she has worked with a wide variety of clients. At Time Well Spent we are reliable and complete the job on time, every time. We focus on not just providing the services above but also providing assistance with business development and strategic application. This is so important to us that we become one of your team, developing strategies, marketing plans, workshops, seminars, and products. This will assist you to have more time to work on your business rather than in your business and therefore time well spent.

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